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Re: Flac Frontend help...

Originally Posted by marksg
Try Trader's little helper instead. it's a cool little (free) tool, you can find it w/ just about any search engine, I found it w/AOL's w/no trouble, I find that it sometimes decodes files that frontend will not. as for the problem w/frontend it's hard to say w/out more info. If your friend is running Mac or an older windows O/S, that could be a problem. I would trip over to FLAC's homepage and check out their faq's or post your issue and see what they got to say. I will say I never had a problem with it, then my motherboard and vid card crapped and after the fix every time I started frontend my mach would try to install XP office components, I had to cancel that 3 times before frontend would appear (it worked fine) this went on about a month and then stopped happening! Very weird but hey, some computer god messin' with me I guess good luck (oh I just remembered that Norton and Mcafee both have issues w/nullsoft installer (which FLAC uses)! If he runs one of those, uninstall FLAC, turn off the A/V program and reinstall FLAC, I know of a couple folks that had to do this in order to get FLAC to run, last step would be to turn the a/v back on
TLH... best tool!
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