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Re: remastering my master, hisssssssssssssssy...

cheers for that buddy, but how do i use this fft file on my wav? I can open it with adobe but it seems its empty or something..?

I just wanted to give it a try remastering as it sounds like it has been sourced from a VHS which isn't true. I wished MTV had broadcasted this, when I used to record of MTV it wouldn't have had any hiss... anyways, just tryed out and played around and here it is for comparison:

1. 20sec flac (original)

2. 20sec flac (with hiss reduction)#

3. 20sec flac (hiss reduced + I put up the volume and balanced left/right channels, so they are at the same level now, as one of them has been louder than the other one.)

please let me know what you would suggest to upload, I personally think reducing the hiss does a good change with the original, far better than when I tried out yesterday...
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