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Re: Why Not Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Originally Posted by freezer
OR maybe the tapers/filmers could take this "new trend" to a higher lever.........What about corporate sponsors for tapers/filmers?

Maybe some big corporation would like to buy a few tapers/filmers some new stealth recording equipment in return for imbedding commercials in their recordings?

How'd you like to see a few ads for Coca-Cola or Ford Ram Trucks in your next AUD DVD? Or maybe Microsoft, so you can see Bill Gates' smiling kisser hawking his wares inbetween "Start Me Up" and "Gimme Shelter" on someone's DVD of last night's show?

The mind boggles at the very notion..........
you may have something big here.
how about this..
for the free trade community - put the banner & text - lots & often.

then for a small donation of $20 - to support 'the tapers fund' - you get the 'banner free/ad free/text free' version.

all donations are to support the taper,
and allow them the opportunity to upgrade their equipment frequently
+ ease the travel expence to shows.