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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Originally Posted by Tubular
Preventing sales is the most important thing, after all..
..If a DVD with a security scroll was sold online, could the buyer even get their money back, legally speaking, even if a security scroll is present?
Ok... now you are turning into one of those 'anti-bootleg vigilantes'.
I can also tell you are 25 or younger. Here enjoy some history:

the only way to acquire bootlegs 20 years ago and before was at record fairs, street vendors & your local record shop. they were on vinyl & cassette & VHS.
Record shops used to get raided for this kind of activity.

10 yrs ago - the RIAA used to slam sites that were doing what this site & DIME..are doing (big fines $$$$$$)

Today.. they have given up - there is still no such thing as a 'free ride'.

you dont own what you are downloading & could probably be prosecuted for it - no bullshit.

If ebay keeps you awake at night. I suggest you get in touch with Chachi420 & start a crusade!!
dont count me in - Im just as guilty for are you.. you just dont realize it.

the Video message thing is a 'new trend' - it will go away - its kinda goofy.

could you get your money back for buying a 'free trade disc'.
dude, you are high...
that is like a prostitute calling the cops cause her 'john' stiffed her..

enjoy the clue