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Re: Admin-level source changes

Originally Posted by PNKFLYD
I have a splendid idea on how to make EVERYONE's "experience here more pleasant":

The next time one of you high and mighty m** change a seeders torrent, it may be a good idea to LET THE SEEDER KNOW! To me, THAT'S COMMON COURTESY.
I've been embroiled in a dispute on another site over the source of a show which was traded to me as a SBD. I thought it was an inferior SBD, but THAT'S THE WAY I GOT IT! I don't have technical savvy, I collect music and listen to it. I believe A SHOW IS WHAT IT IS UNLESS EVIDENCE (OR MY FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE) CONTRADICTS THAT!
My position was UNTIL I had indisputable proof, the source STAYED! Well, thrown into my face (AS INDISPUTABLE PROOF) was the fact that some fucking dickwad changed my torrent and DID NOT HAVE THE COURTESY TO TELL ME.
I have no problem eating crow when I'm wrong, BUT NOT WHEN ITS JAMMED DOWN MY FUCKING THROAT.
Just because TTD thinks its better than everyone else doesn't necessarily mean it is so.
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