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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Yes, being polite instead of demanding and hateful is always better. I meant that a lot of people would be asking for a "clean" version. Why mark your recordings? Once they are out there, there isn't much you can do to stop what is done to them. You can stop their sale on auction sites, as all unreleased material belongs to the band and not to the taper or seller. And sites like this have policies against unnecessary, excessive, or "bad" remasters, I think. This community has many standards, like no lossy sources, for example. There is not full consensus on this, as a lot of people think that an all digital SBD source with hi-bitrate mp3 in the lineage would sound a lot better than a 6th gen "lossless" cassette SBD source of the same show. Yes, live and let live is fine if polite requests are refused or ignored, and you can always not download or delete the show if you don't like it. Big thanks to all the tapers/filmers/authors for all their hard work!