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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Originally Posted by Tubular
I agree with this for the most part, but what if someone filmed something him/herself and then added all kinds of trippy, psychedelic effects, or a box in the corner of the screen with him/herself playing air guitar/air drums along with the lead guitarist/drummer? What seems right to an individual might not be what is best for the rest of the community.
"best for the rest of the community"????

And who will decide these standards? The "community"? or just certain like minded individuals, claiming to represent the "community"??

Please keep in mind, there's way too many demanding types in your "community" to ever get full consensus.

And further extrapolating from your post, just how do you propose to stop someome from marking their recordings any way they want?

Are you suggesting to hunt down these transgressors and take their master tapes, to satisfy "the community"?

You'll need to consider that, because you'll never make everybody conform to your rules . Especially such a diverse bunch as stealth tapers/filmers.

Maybe its best to "live and let live"... You don't like what someone is offering, then don't download it, or delete it afterwards if you don't like it....same as many others already do..... very simple. Live and Let Live.....

Originally Posted by Tubular
If it was the only or "best" video of a show, then there would be people rightly clamoring for a version without the effects. If the effects were added by the camera during filming, then there is not much that can be done to undo it.
"rightly clamoring" ???


Sorry, I don't believe you have a right to "clamor". (which I'm reading as "demand" , please correct me if wrong.)

You do have a right to politely request.

AND You do have a right to go out and make your own recordings IF you don't like what was offered.

It's always been that simple.

Originally Posted by Tubular

Should this site and its seeds be specifically geared towards thwarting ebay sellers, or should it be geared towards the people who advocate and practice the free and open exchange of unreleased live music and the maximum enjoyment of said material?
That's wrong, you have only 2 choices offered here.

How about a third option....Should users of this site have the option to NOT download a show IF they don't like it? And let others take it --- if they wish.

And I'm planning to return to stealth taping this summer. This thread gave me some ideas. Maybe I'll imbed some messages in the master tape. Along with the whistle, that is......
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