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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Personally, I hate song titles showing up on DVDs, so I can relate to you not liking this scrolling message. Perhaps the thing to do is instead of getting on the authors case (I have no idea if you or anyone did, I'm just saying..), suggest to him that if he really needs to have that message added, please make it small and only last for a minimal amount of time. Authors usually react to suggestions made in a polite way rather than criticism (again, I don't know if you have criticized him or politely made a suggestion).

The direction I'm coming from is that I'm very, very reluctant to *tell* authors what they can and cannot do with their DVDs. I know how I feel if someone trys to tell me to do something instead of suggesting it and giving me good reasons. The best thing to do is to work with the authors to best meet their needs (mark the DVD so it doesn't show up on ebay) and your needs (have an enjoyable viewing experience).
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