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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

You could shout into the mics during the show between songs or add a message by James Earl Jones ("This is CNN") or somebody in post between songs.

It is mostly between songs and on wide shots, but there are a couple times when it occurs during a performance on the Paco, John, and Al DVD. Also a person from the Santana torrent said that it happens during the performance a bit.

I don't think it is right when a TV station scrolls song titles or promos during shows, and I don't think it is right when an author adds stuff in post either (including wide shots or in between songs). There is a lot of movement on stage between songs sometimes and some banter, like people sipping beers or motioning to bandmates, or shots of the crowd.

It was mentioned that the concerts with the security scroll have not shown up on Ebay, so evidently someone is checking to see if it is up there or not. Therefore, someone would be checking to see if a concert shows up for sale on Ebay whether the security scroll is implemented or not on a DVD. I can learn to live with the scroll, but how many shows actually get put up for sale on Ebay? Is the problem that big?

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