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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Do you know how easy it is to delete a menu or edit the beginning/end of a dvd to remove "do not sell" if I wanted to sell it?
It's a lot harder to do so when its actually on the footage. Interesting how I've yet to see one of the shows you're referring to show up on ebay.

Don't know why you're complaining so much, considering its always placed at full stage shots at the beginning or end of a song and is absolutely no different than the song titles or scrolling text TV stations put on broadcast. There's a real easy solution...if you don't want to see it, don't download shows he puts up.

If/when you ever tape, author, or share something, you can do what you want with it...till then you can stop complaining and posting in every thread at how annoying someone else's work is to you.
It's not going to change, we aren't going to ask the author to change it, we are not going to ban any dvd's for it.
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