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Re: sandvine workaround

Here is the link that I read which states Comcast has given all it's customers the chance to "opt out" or accept arbitration ... if it should go to court

If you are still with Comcast... be sure to read the fine print on your recent billings. It appears that this meassage was NOT prominent.

Comcast customers can opt out of the arbitration notice either online or by mail.


Go to and fill out the form. Subscribers will need a copy of their Comcast bill so they can enter their entire customer account number as it appears on the bill. If they have difficulties they should call 800-COMCAST (800-266-2278) and report the problem. They should keep a copy of the form.

By Mail:

Subscribers should write a note to Comcast that includes their name, address, Comcast account number and a statement that they do not wish to resolve disputes with Comcast through arbitration, and then mail to: Comcast, 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102, ATTN: Legal Department/Arbitration. They should also keep a copy of the letter they send to Comcast.
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