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Re: Provide moderators with "common" IDs

Originally Posted by saltman View Post
Actually he's right on. I'll teach you another corporate world lesson. When you whine about your manager to your boss, your boss is going to have a good laugh with your manager. And you aren't going to get a raise for years.
He's not.
Elevated privileges has nothing to do with people "saying" anything.
What it does have to do with is accountability, and is related to Sarbanes Oxley and other regulation and control remediation.

If you feel like I am whining to the boss, why would you have said this?
Originally Posted by saltman View Post
LOL... try the site suggestions thread.
For some reason (arrogance? vanity?), I suspect you think I based this suggestion on you.
I did not.
I am sure others would appreciate the ability to ignore your posts if they could, but I care little about them, and typically skip over them.
It's something about the unwarranted arrogance and humble bragging that I personally find off-putting, but I doubt I would add you to the ignore list.

Was there anything else you would like to teach me?

Edit: While unwarranted arrogance and humble bragging are not necessarily favorable traits in my opinion, I have not personally witnessed you repeatedly and intentionally trolling.
Originally Posted by Dony
It's the worst part of the game. Taxes.

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