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Re: New TTD Features

Torrent Put on Hold

To go along with the Torrent Thread Validation in the first post and the Threads Needing Attention in the seventh post, we now can put Torrents on Hold. This is something we can do if we get a report about there being Officially released material in the torrent and we need to check it out, or we can do it if the mods have a question that needs addressed prior to the show being available for download.

If your torrent is on Hold, you should see a notice at the top of the Forums page like this:

Also, if you go to the actual torrent thread, this message should be at the top and the torrent file will also not be available for download:

If you look at the torrents list, you should be a stop sign and no seeders/leechers/completes listed:

A moderator should post in the thread about why the torrent was placed on hold. If action is required from the seeder, then after you have done the requested action, please hit the Report this Post button, , to let the Mods know the torrent is ready to be taken off of Hold.
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