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Why Not Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Originally Posted by Tubular
..... Why mark your recordings? Once they are out there, there isn't much you can do to stop what is done to them.
"Why mark your recordings?"

Why not. I did not necessarily make any recordings for 'public distribution" so why not? Your motivations for recording shows or collecting clandestine recordings are probably not the same as mine, so why make any assumption on motivation.

"Once they are out there...."

Agreed.... but then consider "Only if they're out there"....

What makes you so sure that a taper/filmer is "obligated" to put his/her recordings "out there"???

Most tapers/filmers share because they WANT to. If you told tapers/filmers they MUST put all their recordings out there, you'd get laughed at.

Originally Posted by Tubular
You can stop their sale on auction sites, as all unreleased material belongs to the band and not to the taper or seller.
Only after its "out there" and for some, putting the disclaimer on their recording is their perogative....and maybe their pre-requsite for allowing it to be "out there" they imbed it, making it hard to remove.

Or consider the alternative, maybe next time instead of the disclaimer, the taper/filmer declines to share at all; says nothing at all and you don't know that a recording even exists of certain shows.

Until it's "out there", it belongs to the person who possesses the only copy, now doesn't it?

And "clamoring" can't always change that.

Originally Posted by Tubular
....And sites like this have policies against unnecessary, excessive, or "bad" remasters, I think. This community has many standards, like no lossy sources, for example...........
Policies can always be broken, amended or changed at will; happens all the time.

"NO lossy sourses?".... at TTD? Are you absolutely positive?

I'm sure I saw something allowed in 2007 in the audio torrents forum that included "lossy sourced" material.....

I'd say that consensus or standard will be disregarded as needed, depending on what the material is, even here at TTD....

(Don't take that as a comment from me whether it should or shouldn't have been allowed at TTD, my comment is that 'rules set in stone are meant to be broken'.)

Originally Posted by Tubular
.... Yes, live and let live is fine if polite requests are refused or ignored, and you can always not download or delete the show if you don't like it. Big thanks to all the tapers/filmers/authors for all their hard work!
Now we agree, it was that simple all along. Live and let live.

And if you really don't like these imbedded messages, I suggest that on the next DVD that you film and author -- I suggest that you lead by example and don't include that imbedded graphic.

Take the high moral ground and lead by example....

Lead by example, you can do it, I'm betting that you can ......