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Re: Compressing Video

Originally Posted by h_vargas
1) =

2) this may sound dumb, but if you were given VHS tapes to capture, why not eliminate encoding/burning to DVD? i may be misunderstanding your post, but it looks to me like you want to go from VHS -> AVI file (read: divx or xvid). so, if you don't need to create actual "DVDs," then by all means skip that step as it is unnecessary (unless you were asked/told to provide "true" DVDs as well, of course).
Yes it sounds odd, however, in his original post he said he was asked to specifically to burn to a DVD first:
was asked to take these vhs tapes, burn them onto a dvd and then using a program like Pinnacle Studio
Sounds like maybe he is using a standalone DVD recorder.
But, if all you need is the .avi file and you have access to a TV capture card Most capture software records to MPEG/AVI files of various compressions settings.
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