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Re: Compressing Video

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2) this may sound dumb, but if you were given VHS tapes to capture, why not eliminate encoding/burning to DVD? i may be misunderstanding your post, but it looks to me like you want to go from VHS -> AVI file (read: divx or xvid). so, if you don't need to create actual "DVDs," then by all means skip that step as it is unnecessary (unless you were asked/told to provide "true" DVDs as well, of course).

now, if the source material is on DVD, then it's pretty easy to do... you can just use a freeware ripping software like DVDDecrypter, then use a divx or xvid encoder. the divx encoder costs (not free). i THINK i read that there's a free xvid encoder, but i may be mistaken.

oh, and fitting 29 minutes onto a single CDR (in xvid/divx) should be VERY EASY to do as far as space on the disc goes... you can get very acceptable quality (relatively speaking) of 60 minutes of footage in divx format under 600 MB. it won't be as good as higher bitrate DVDs, of course, but still MUCH better than VCD crap... or even SVCD, IMO.
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