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Re: Foobar conversion or shntool conversion?

Originally Posted by uhclem
The biggest problem that many people have using shntool is that they want to fix only a portion of the files in a directory at one time, which means using a simple wildcard like *.shn won't work because that will fix ALL the files.
so the gist of it is that you should be sensitive towards where the set breaks are and pad the last track of each set with silence. If you just run a batch file blindly over an entire show with multiple sets you will often end up a little piece of the second set being carried over to the first set and a little piece of the third set being carried over to the second and so on. Let's say that an opening set takes up the 1st cd and fades out at the end then the 2nd set starts at the beginning of the 2nd cd in that case you would want to pad the end of the first cd with silence rather than carrying over a little fragment of the beginning of the 2nd disc to the end of the first disc. If the 2nd set starts immediately with cheering it would just sound like a pop at the end of the 1st disc.

However, if the show is continuous from the end of disc one to the beginning of disc two you would want to carry over that little piece from the beginning of the 2nd disc rather than padding with silence.

Uhclem made a much more eloquent post on this topic in another thread somewhere, I thought it was in the thread linked above but it wasn't so sorry for the confusion.

If you don't see where I'm coming from I'll try to explain it better or perhaps we could persuade uhclem to post his recipie for fixing SBEs again...
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