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Re: Foobar conversion or shntool conversion?

I thought I had posted an answer earlier today but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared. So I will try again.

dancin_carrot, when I said don't use a batch file what I meant was don't try to create a single one-size-fits-all batch file for fixing each and every set that has SBEs. This is not a good idea for the reasons I discussed in the thread that Five linked to. Yes you are missing something, so please read it again.

By 'all in one step' I meant use shntool with the -o argument to produce output in whatever format you want (i.e. one step), instead of decompressing to wav then fixing the SBEs by converting to FLAC with FLAC frontend (which is two steps).

Here are your options for fixing SBEs with shntool:

1. Use the command line
2. Create a custom batch file for fixing the specific set of files in question. This was my preferred method until the advent of BatchEnc and TLH
3. Use a frontend such as BatchEnc or TLH

You should use one of the above. Pick whichever one you like best.
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