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CREAM 2005.10.24 DVD torrent

To all who have been leeching this torrent or were going to, my apologies for it being pulled.

Mod, who pulled it, wrote:

"6. All seeds must contain a complete and accurate lineage.
This is extremely important. Any seed without complete lineage included will be deleted from our tracker. Any seed with inaccurate lineage will be deleted from our tracker. If you are ripping video from a VHS tape please ensure that it is a low analog generation source and include all information as to how the video was transferred including your hardware and software configuration. We prefer to have fully authored DVDs with logical chapter breaks when appropriate.

Also, ANY TV Broadcast or AUD recorded video from 2005 on MUST have COMPLETE & ACCURATE lineage!! There is NO EXCUSE for a show recorded in the last couple years to NOT have this."

Well, that's all nice and dandy but...

I bought an original silver Mid Valley bootleg set from a dealer in Japan. If I asked the dealer for the lineage, they would either tell me that they didn't know and couldn't get it, or they would laugh at me.

I have been collecting Mid Valley for over ten years and know of absolutely no place on the Internet where such information could be gotten.

The information I posted is the best, truthful information that is available.

To meet that requirement would require me to make up false information and supply that, which I will not do.

How about the information is not available.
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