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Re: Let's Beef Up TTD's Stock Avatars

1990 Eaten Back To Life
1991 Butchered At Birth
1992 Tomb Of The Mutilated
1993 Hammer Smashed Face (EP)
1994 The Bleeding
1996 Vile
1998 Gallery Of Suicide
1999 Bloodthirst
2000 Live Cannibalism
2002 Gore Obsessed
2003 Worm Infested (EP)
2004 The Wretched Spawn
2006 Kill


"never understood the snobbishness over a microphone. I mean fuck, I killed 3 moose, 2 caribou and a bear by age 16, but I sure as hell don't go bragging about the gun used (.308). the point is to knock down the animal, not what you knock it down with.


(Ballsdeep, 2015-02-16)


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