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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names!

Originally Posted by Five View Post
chinajoe: if you're extracting from a silver or any 'audio cdr' use eac. if you're burning an audio cdr, use eac. there's no need to ever add a burning step into the lineage. If you're using roxio to do something other than extracting from a cd/cdr or burning an audio cdr then maybe its okay (?) not certain what you're asking.


i'd be using roxio 9 only on master recordings, to cut tracks and maximize
the volume when needed. it has a normalization feature, from1x to 10X. i was asking if their normalization was ok, since someone mentioned that some kinds of normalization are ok. no one has said anything was wrong w/ the 3 masters i uploaded using roxio 9. i do convert the tracks to flac via tlh w/o burning a disc.
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