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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names!

Five --

he's transferring his own master recordings, not from discs

Originally Posted by chinajoe View Post
if im extracting from a silver, then i use eac. otherwise, for the time being, its roxio. are you saying to do what i do w/ roxio, burn it, then do the eac? or should i just do if from the hard drive.

if it goes into roxio, it comes right off the memory card. you guys know, what would be the best software to use in post production before i use eac?

as dc mentioned, for simple audio tasks use the freeware prog Audacity...i also use it for splitting tracks, others prefer to use CD Wave for that part -- its up to you

as has been stated numerous times tho, stay away from using filters/effects yer unfamiliar with, especially if yer not trained in audio and are using a freeware prog that said, you can and should use the Normalization feature in Audacity [it is a peak normalizer fwiw]

here's a quick how-to:

Normalizing/DC Offset Correct
1. import your raw wav into Audacity
2. Effects > Normalization -- select "Remove any DC offset" and normalize to just below clipping [i usually set it to -0.1dB] this to the whole raw file, before splitting tracks

Track Splits
1. Open your wave, Edit->Move Cursor...->Track Start and hit command-B.
2. Locate all your track splits and mark each one by hitting command-B.
3. Go to File->Export Multiple, select WAV as the export format, Split files based on:Labels, Name files:Numbering consecutively, hit Export.

Correct Sector Boundary Errors
load yer split wavs into TLH [PC] or XLD or xACT [Mac] and have it correct any SBEs before converting to flac
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