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Re: suggestion/question

right. the second pic makes more sense what it should look like (if its was an AC3 signal). so the first pic shows it was jacked up during the capture.

i think my next question would be:

if you are not impressed with HDTV AC-3.. why would you be impressed with anything captured from a radio station.. which is allowed in the audio section.

if technology is at a set standard for a certain media outlet.. should all audio recordings be held accountable to the highest standard possible? often, the lineage of the recording accounts for acceptable limitations.

Originally Posted by saltman View Post
ac3 is the mp3 of the video world.
damn it salt I dont enjoy disagreeing with you. honest!! but thats not what Ive read.
I read AAC is the mp3 of video. AC3 is decent. 20 ~ 20,000Hz @ 48kHz. perhaps I've read something incorrectly.

I mean until everything is Dolby TrueHD (24 bit, 96 kHz audio channels at up to 18 Mbit/s over 14 channels) you can just say everything sucks and shouldnt be allowed.
and one day Dolby TrueHD will suck too. the second pic posted AC3 looks really good to my eye.

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