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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names!

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its not about being "against spreading knowledge" or "not wanting to share" -- its about the fact that there's no tutorial that can be written, no freeware app to download

to properly re/master a recording takes years of study & practice...let me reiterate to drive the point home -- years of study & practice...not to mention the gear, which 99.999% of the engineer-wannabes will never have access to, and will never have the $ to attain...for instance, a very low-end home recording studio, i mean bare bones budgetline set up, will start in the tens of thousands US$, minimum...
I understand that point of view but what direwolf said is no even close to it. He just jumped on badly mastered shows and said stop becasue it's crap. For me it's same situation if You would said to a taper after his first (bad) tape - it's shit, stop recording. I agree with main idea of topic - remaster tags or something, but I don't see why help shouldn't be offered for those who would like to learn something. There are amateurs everywhere and some of them are good enough to compete with pros (i can't form a correct sentence in english but Pierre de Fermat as an example should make it clear). And theres nothing wrong with having sound engineering as an hobby and do that good without finishing proper studies. Sure, if You - moderators think it's bad idea to offer any help here on TTD (and community thinks the same) then don't do it. It makes no difference for me as I'm not going to master any shows and I'm not taping either so I just don't need any help (not to mention that my crappy PIII 550Mhz hardly plays flacs and I can't watch videos), but I'm not going to stay quiet when I see that kind of attitude - narrowing instead of opening - especially here where I was suprised like nowhere else with attitude of being open and friendly to eachother - thanks for that by the way.
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Dummies make big ratios... smart people share content.
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