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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names!

Originally Posted by Chaosu View Post
This is just the first time for me when someone is against spreading knowledge when it comes to recordings. So far I have met only people who wanted to share, share, share...
its not about being "against spreading knowledge" or "not wanting to share" -- its about the fact that there's no tutorial that can be written, no freeware app to download

to properly re/master a recording takes years of study & practice...let me reiterate to drive the point home -- years of study & practice...not to mention the gear, which 99.999% of the engineer-wannabes will never have access to, and will never have the $ to attain...for instance, a very low-end home recording studio, i mean bare bones budgetline set up, will start in the tens of thousands US$, minimum...

the handful of cats remastering "classic" shows should be left to 00 they have the knowledge and the for the home novice with a PC, CoolEditPro, and a pair of $50 headphones -- play around & EQ the shows all you want -- have fun with it!

just keep em for yer personal use and don't trade/seed them
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