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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names!

Originally Posted by pawel View Post
* "Remaster" which uses normalization is not allowed
This would be better if you specified which type of normalization.

RMS normalization is the one to avoid. Kills dynamic range. It can be used without doing much damage, but it takes a lot of trial to find the optimum settings to preserve the music. Best to avoid it.

Peak normalization is no different than applying gain. If your source is recorded with a peak of -3.2 dB, and you normalize it to -.1 dB, then you are adding gain of 3.1 dB across the board. Dynamic range is preserved, as every point is increased by the same amount, thus preserving the dynamic range.

No reason to disallow peak normalization. As above, it's no different than gain, and the majority of your original sources have had it applied.
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