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Re: What about High Definition streams?

help me understand why MP4 and MKV (and perhaps other containers) might cause issues.
If a factual HD FPS/bitrate is given in the info.. I mean.. who, what, why would someone think they could pass it off as HD video when its .. say divx..

I mean, it seems it would 'be an instant bust' saying something is one thing - when its low quality compressed video.
also, the trading community is very good at dealing with 'these people' when it happens why worry.

you have to have failth in the users who share out - and this early in the game.. its not going to be that many people anyway.
As time moves on, the HD video camera format will come together to a standardization.
Its just early in the game now.. so the question is more..what makes it easiest for the traders to trade what they have ?

am i reading correctly that mac users dont have BR author software yet ?! thats blows my mind.

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