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Re: What about High Definition streams?

I would like to add a comment.

I am not sure that targetting a medium (BR in that case) is a good idea.

Currently we are getting shows on DVD. Whatever the source is, the person who wants to share it has to make a DVD. First, it is either PAL or NTSC. Secondly, they generally limit the size to 4Gb to use only one single layer writable DVD : we are getting downgraded shows.

Even though we do not have such limits currently with BR it will happen someday.

I think that we mostly agree that FLAC is good format for audio.
We would need such a format for video streams so that we could get rid of both DVDs and BRs.

The DVD player I am currenly using owns a USB port. I can currently plug a 8Gb usb key and watch a video stream or a DVD structure (not good though).
Internet Boxes are able to play video streams right on the TV or check the AppleTV!

Therefore, we should not care about media, but the file format.
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