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Re: What about High Definition streams?

Originally Posted by KustMichaels View Post
Right now the standard Mac app for encoding is MainConcepts encoder, I do not own that one and it only takes QuickTime files, so I had to convert the .m2t streams up to HD MotionJPEG@75% - that should be 80 GB, maybe 120 GB per show.
On the other hand Apple's Compressor produces HD Mpeg2, but no authoring. Newer versions of Comprossor get you HD H264, but I heard the quality sucks.
note: the only HD footage i work with is recorded to tape, so i've never worked with .m2ts/.mod/.tod/etc, but i thought for sure Sorenson Squeeze could handle what yer tryin to do

also, i think Handbrake accepts .m2ts files, but i'm not positive...i've heard that the newest version has an h.264 encoder that is damn good, especially considering its freeware

Compressor is lacking in just about everything except SD DVD encoding [and its quality is arguable at times]...either Apple is gonna have to make some major revisions, or that program will cease to be used by anyone in the profession
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