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Re: What about High Definition streams?

Originally Posted by sullen View Post
and 1 Tool show that I have not seen in HD but saw the DVD it was made from.
Cool, guess who that one was?

I mean it's a shame, HD is truely worth the hassle. Sure broadcast HD is in another dimension, but amateur HD can do it, too. Tool 08/12/2007 in HD is cool, RATM @ Rock im Park 08 in HD is bloody awesome synched with DaGobert's audio.

Originally Posted by pawel View Post
amfglobal, there are free PC tools which may just add a few bytes to m2ts and create BD structure, including chapters and subtitles: tsMuxer, TSRemux, BD Edit. Check also eac3to which is great for demuxing a HD source.

Sorry, I'm not aware of similar Mac freebies.

Interesting discussion and guides you may find at doom and videohelp forum.
I've got 7-8 audience shot videos on my hard disc and no way to distribute them in HD. The only encoding app on the Mac that converts the .m2t to x264 and such is VisualHub. I own an older version and the x264 quality is not that great. The results look not much better then the SD DVD scaled up.

Right now the standard Mac app for encoding is MainConcepts encoder, I do not own that one and it only takes QuickTime files, so I had to convert the .m2t streams up to HD MotionJPEG@75% - that should be 80 GB, maybe 120 GB per show.
On the other hand Apple's Compressor produces HD Mpeg2, but no authoring. Newer versions of Comprossor get you HD H264, but I heard the quality sucks.

I once took the HD footage of Tool's "Forty Six & Two" of 08/12/2007, converted it up to MotionJPEG and converted it to DivX 6, because they offered the encoder for free once. Result was OK, but I guess PlayStation3 and 360 owners don't like those.

In either case I still had to sync the result with some AAC or AC3 audio, and I see no tool on the Mac that would do that conveniently.

What really drives me nuts is that Apple offers free HD cutting but says nothing about distribution. You want your folks to watch the HD cut? Stream it back to your cam! Want others to watch the HD cut? *Pay* for Apple's "me" website service and upload an QuickTime encoded HD video there. I guess the max resolution there is 720p, and I am not even sure about that one. What they are really talking about is uploading stuff to YouTube and your iPhone.

Then there's Adobes Encore CS3, which I don't own either. I heard it sucks, but people say Encore CS4 for Mac is far better. Then you have Roxio's author&burn stuff, but I did not check on those.
But those would only get you a BR DVD which puts you in the licencing hassle. In the past people wrote e-mails to the BR Association stating their case: a) BRD producer owns the material b) low quantity BRD production c) free give away. BRA says no fees, but now try to make the case for stealth video recordings.

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