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Re: What about High Definition streams?

If my 2cents matters I have taped some audience concerts in HD and I agree what Sullen has to say. I personally don't have a Blue Ray player but since I can edit the original HD files (in my case .m2t from a Canon HD Cam) and save them as the exact HD file which mine happens to have resolution of 1440x1080 and boom no quality loss. They can be played directly on the computer or for me on my PS3. I think limiting HD material especially on a site like this to only BD guidelines is a little strict. Not everyone has a Blue Ray burner and until they come down in price I don't see myself getting one. I think under permitted file formats this site shouldn't be so strict. Lets face it majority of the uploads in HD on this site will be transfered from TV..with that in mind what about the actual video tapers that are taping with HD camcorders and have footage in other formats?

If my opinion matters this rule needs to change.Not permitted is rough not authored .m2ts file due it larger size than the transport stream (.ts) format.

On another note, I have some HD footage from a concert I taped but since I don't have a Blue Ray burner I can't burn the whole show for me to watch it on TV. So what I do is make DVD-Data discs of the .m2t files (which might contain a couple of them, not just one big one) and my PS3 plays them fine in HD. I know I'm not the only one doing this and then again I know not everyone has a PS3.
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