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Re: What about High Definition streams?

Originally Posted by pawel View Post
If you are so smart then mux your fantastic material to BD and seed here, or go to other torrent sites where the staff is more educated and accepts whatever container and quality you like.
Wow, we are getting a bit pissy aren't we... I never claimed to be "smart", I simply stood up for a different perspetive that appears to have been neglected. I pointed out issues with the wording of the guidelines, noting that some things were stated as "formats" when they were containers. That is not being "smart", that is being accurate, something I pride myself on and I would hope you would too instead of resorting to insults. Not to mention you (meaning the staff) asked for opinions. I thought the one person with all the information on HD formats was a staff since they have no ratio at all, or they were at least a VIP with some sort of pull in the system. I am not educated on the process to mux my video into a BR disc, I have no reason to because I don't own a BR burner. I have a HTPC so simply muxing in the audio to the original file works fine for me. I bet money if you put up a poll you would find substantially more people have HTPCs than BR burners. BR is a waste of time and coin for me, I can play all my HD content on my HTPC off of an external hard drive. If you want to run off members with insults and name calling, be my guest but I would ask that you at least appear to respect other people's opinions on the subject.

I am patient, but I also don't want other opinions to be neglected if no one is a voice for those opinions. I appreciate this tracker and what it provides to the trading community, especially the strict policies that lend to integity of the source material.
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