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Re: What about High Definition streams?

All true .. just to add that all cam manufacturers use their own .m2t standard. Canon uses a different one for their tape based HD cams, for example. I was happy to see that PS3's and 360's take .m2t's, but only after certain firmware version upgrades.

But even if I could author a .m2t myself, how am I supposed to get those 2x15 GB to people, if there are no BR burners and 360 owners are screwed anyway?

The whole issue why BR is not taking off is this:
For DVD production the licencing fees where paid by the press shops, they guys who multiply your master. Such an open culture is not planned for BR Discs. Read the FAQ on the website of the Blue Ray Disc Association and you will see how imprecise they are. Read the ISAN contract and you will see that NOTHING is for free on the BR front. As soon as you take something public - even a dozen BR discs given away for free - you have to licence. An un-licenced, hence uncontrolled production is not on their radar.

Toshiba staded a million times they wish such an open end culture, but they lost. Rumor says that US-american law firms are there right now collecting data about un-licenced BR bootlegs.

Besides of all this, with BR you have new issues. Put the official DVD logo on a DVD with no AC3 audio track you have a brand fraud. Put the BD logo on ANY un-licenced product and you are screwed.

That's why I am saying just forget the whole Blue Ray thing. HD streams in a 8 MB/s H264 scream and that's about it. Why bother with Blue Ray if you could use even a 8 GB USB stick for a video vine? Why is it that Apple, Microsoft and Sony just ignore Blue Ray and instead vote for streaming and direct download? Remember how the BR drive was once the number one selling point of the PS3? I'd say we are far from that.

Originally Posted by bjrocks View Post
m2ts actually stands for MPEG-2 Transport Stream. (Very similar to .ts from OTA/Settop box captures). m2ts and mp4 are containers, and do not dictate a video compression format. Not all m2ts files are the same. i.e. not all m2ts contain video with the same CODEC.

Sony's (and most other's) TAPE based HD cams use "HDV" which is an MPEG-2 type CODEC (at 25MBPS) which is limited to 1440x1080. JVC's HD based cams use their own flavor of an MPEG-2 type codec (up to 30MBPS) Sony, Canon, and Panasonic's HDD and Flash based cameras use slightly different variants of the AVCHD codec in an MPEG-2 Container (m2ts). Some of these record 1920x1080 and some record 1440x1080. Sanyo uses their own MPEG-4 Based codec (similar to, but distictly different from AVCHD) in an MP4 container.

Getting the picture how complicated this is? It is VERY complicated.

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