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Re: What about High Definition streams?

m2ts actually stands for MPEG-2 Transport Stream. (Very similar to .ts from OTA/Settop box captures). m2ts and mp4 are containers, and do not dictate a video compression format. Not all m2ts files are the same. i.e. not all m2ts contain video with the same CODEC.

Sony's (and most other's) TAPE based HD cams use "HDV" which is an MPEG-2 type CODEC (at 25MBPS) which is limited to 1440x1080. JVC's HD based cams use their own flavor of an MPEG-2 type codec (up to 30MBPS) Sony, Canon, and Panasonic's HDD and Flash based cameras use slightly different variants of the AVCHD codec in an MPEG-2 Container (m2ts). Some of these record 1920x1080 and some record 1440x1080. Sanyo uses their own MPEG-4 Based codec (similar to, but distictly different from AVCHD) in an MP4 container.

Getting the picture how complicated this is? It is VERY complicated.
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