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Re: What about High Definition streams?

Originally Posted by sullen View Post
So, tell me how a cap of say Glastonbury from BBC which is in H.264 is different from what I am proposing above with my camera? The difference is the container, H.264 can use a .TS or .MP4 container but it's the same codec.
It's similar to MPEG case: DVD (VOB) format is permitted only.

TS is allowed temporary for TV captures only, until we have quality software to author a Blu-ray disc.

HD audience material has to be tested and uploaded in BD format only.

1. Comparison of your 4 MB px camera with the equipment used by TV is a good joke
2. Most HD cameras use .m2t container (= .m2ts).

Originally Posted by sullen View Post
Again, misinformation. An .m2ts is the same size as a .TS file, different container.
How it can be the same size using larger byte packets size? 192 vs 188 for .ts. Difference is not big but a few hundred MBs can be saved for an average concert. Also, we like to avoid transcoding .ts > m2ts as current tools are far from being perfect, and errors are possible.
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