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Re: Generating Md5

Regular md5s and wholefile md5s are the same thing:
6e2fe45aac694e3c7137ea18f58c9082 *u22001-10-24d1t01.shn
97cb07e3b25c33fc3ae278ab64546d0c *u22001-10-24d1t02.shn

Shntool md5s are the ones that will look the same as flac fingerprints:
d30f55b575f09df3ae6cb461bb0c81d1 [shntool] u22001-10-24d1t01.shn
9687eed0ae2a4ae551bc1dbc20a5600e [shntool] u22001-10-24d1t02.shn

flacs fingerprints of the same files in flac format:

Notice how the flac fingerprints and the shntool md5s have the same 'fingerprint'.

When I create an shntool md5 using xACT, the default 'name' is fingerprint.ffp.txt . I believe Trader's Little helper gives it a different extension which is the st5 you are talking about (ShnToolmd5 - ST5).
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