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Re: I retracked a show!

Lou - i apologize if i offended you. i did not mean to. i was just trying to state two simple things: (1) to me, it seems easier/quicker to go analog to PC (because thankfully, i haven't encountered any compatibility issues with my hardware), and (2) some consumer CD recorders have bad S/N ratios, which adds noise into the recording. of course, the 2nd item appears to not apply to your situation, as it looks like you have a good standalone unit.

personally, i have no problem with standalone transferred audio material. i have dozens and dozens of shows with that in the lineage (because it was either trade with the DAT taper who only used a standalone for transfers, or go without the recording period). none of said recordings that i received had any audible errors. and i promptly archived SHN versions after listening to them.

so, if it were my site, i'd say it's fine to seed analog > standalone > cdr > eac in secure mode > shn/flac recordings. but this isn't my site, so i cannot and will not speak for the moderators. just letting you know that i can't make that call here, but to me, i have no problem with standalone conversions. (IMO, the quality of audio shows converted with standalone recorders are MUCH better than video recordings converted with standalone DVD recorders!!)

oh, and "DAE" means Digital Audio Extraction (it's the process of ripping an audio CD to WAV format on your hard drive).

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