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Re: I retracked a show!

Originally Posted by Lou
In terms of CDR generations my attitude is who cares as long as there's no digital errors introduced. Of course no one would prefer that extra ones be added but my opinion is, if it's all within my exclusive control, does it REALLY matter? CDR generations have ZERO impact, ZERO on the audio quality. The impact is solely on introduction of digital errors down the line. This is a potential hazard when you have a chain of people trading with each other at arms' length. I don't see the problem when it's just me alone doing it. It may not be "preferable," but nothing in life is perfect is it? There's a difference between degrading the audio and introducing digital errors which have nothing to do with the actual quality of the audio.

The problem with DAE is that digital errors can only be corrected a finite amount of times before they can no longer be compensated for. It's like skating on clear ice that keeps wearing down. You can still skate on it, still see through it until it gets so thin that blammo.... you're in the lake. Your perception that digital errors have no impact on the "quality" of the audio isn't quite correct. They don't degrade the audio, they cause it to either exist, or not exist. I'll assume that you're in favor of the former, right ?
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