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Re: I retracked a show!


I'm always in favor of the method that will yield the highest quality and least amount of audio error. I realize it's a tradeoff sometimes. In general, most of us are interested in offering advice on how to achieve the best results, and what methods are most prone to inducing errors. Is adding a DAE gen better than doing an A/D with a bad sound chip ? IMO, both aren't ideal. For a fairly small investment, you could get a DAT deck to do the E/E A/D conversion and then go optical into your computer. I understand that there are some really cheap soundcards that offer a non-resampled digital input, and that would eliminate much of the noise issues inherent in your PC.

There's lots of pitfalls in archiving audio and video. Ultimately, it's up to you as to how much effort and money you want to expend on this hobby, and how interested/dedicated you are to preserving the quality of the music that you have on tape. It's been said repeatedly here that the most important QC step you can take is to listen to your seed and make sure it's error free.

I'm not a MOD here at TTD, and can't say if your transfer methods would be considered problematic or "against the rules". You would need to ask that question of them directly.
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