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Re: I retracked a show!

OK here's what it says, verbatim with regard to the S/N noise ratio for Deck B (the recording deck) on my $300 Sony RCD-W500C standalone burner:

"Signal to Noise Ratio Over 98 dB during play"

True, on a standalone burner you then have to re-rip on the computer to get the tracks exactly perfect and to do splicing. Yes this requires some more work than to transfer directly to the computer. But it's worth it in my opinion not to have to investigate, buy and install sound cards and get into compatibility issues and all that shit. I just find that whole process of doing things via computer a complete pain in the ass. Plus when I'm recording with the standalone I'm not tying up the computer, and I can use the computer for other things.

In terms of CDR generations my attitude is who cares as long as there's no digital errors introduced. Of course no one would prefer that extra ones be added but my opinion is, if it's all within my exclusive control, does it REALLY matter? CDR generations have ZERO impact, ZERO on the audio quality. The impact is solely on introduction of digital errors down the line. This is a potential hazard when you have a chain of people trading with each other at arms' length. I don't see the problem when it's just me alone doing it. It may not be "preferable," but nothing in life is perfect is it? There's a difference between degrading the audio and introducing digital errors which have nothing to do with the actual quality of the audio.
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