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Re: I retracked a show!

Originally Posted by wazoo2u

I'd be more concerned with incurring a DAE generation by recording on the standalone before I worried about SBE's. Can't you record to hard disk, do your edits and then compress to FLAC ?, or does your computer lack a CD burner ?
With all due respect I have no desire to buy all the high-end sound card and computer equipment necessary to get the same quality you can from a standalone. I have an inexpensive, run of the mill Dell computer with a bargain basement Intel integrated sound card that sucks. No matter what I did I could never get the files to have the audio intensity that I like. There'd always be a lot of blue in the spectral analysis which convinced me that I had to get a standalone or new computer equipment to make things better.

My opinion is that a standalone burner gives you superior quality, even if it does record on a disc. I find the whole idea of computer transfers to be a complete pain in the ass. I think it's simpler to go from the tape deck to a component completely separate from any computer.

If a standalone CD burner isn't good enough for this site because it requires that the audio be burned to a CD instead of copied to a hard drive, I throw up my hands and give up as it seems I just can't win.

If someone wants to release a master copy of an older show, are you going to complain if it was transferred with a standalone?
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