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Foobar conversion or shntool conversion?

Hi all,

I have been reading the FAQ and this forum for a while, and I have come to what I consider a good grasp of foobar and shntool. The SHN to FLAC conversion tutorial was especially helpful.

However, I feel swamped with all the different methods of converting that are available. I have decided to convert all my SHNs to FLAC format eventually for the sake of easy fingerprinting and superior compression. A quick len check has revealed that many of my SHNs have SBEs. Now I am left with a dilemma. If I convert with foobar, I will be left with the SBEs. I can either use shntool -fix to convert to FLAC then use FlacFrontend to create fingerprints, or I can use shntool -conv to WAV, and use FlacFrontend with align on sector boundries to get my FLACS.

Is one of these ways "the best way"?

Thanks in advance.

PS. Is there a way to make shntool -fix just overwrite the old files instead of giving me the annoying -fixed suffixes?
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