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Re: I retracked a show!

Ignore the previous message as I didn't edit it in time.

You make the cue sheet yourself the way wazoo suggested. Once you've opened the wave file in the wave editor, do the following:
  1. select CUE Sheet > Create new cue sheet
  2. Now place the cursor at the start of track 2
  3. select EDIT > CD sector adjustment
  4. select CUE Sheet > Insert > Track start
  5. select CUE Sheet > Save Cue Sheet ( I do this after every track start is made)
  6. rinse and repeat
Once the cue sheet is completed I always cut the tracks using 'select individual indices'.

Strictly speaking you don't have to select CD sector adjustment since cue sheet syntax automatically places edit points on a sector boundary, i.e. the spot you have picked will be rounded to the nearest sector boundary when you insert it into the cue sheet. But I do it anyway so that I can get a look at exactly where the track will begin (and just to be safe).
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