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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Originally Posted by lostboy
Anyone have any thoughts on this? I've been wonderig myself and need to start burning (and backing up, if necessary) some videos that I've downloaded.

Also, thanks Raindawg for the info on par2, Music Collector and Karma. Amazing all that you can learn from one thread!!
Well the DVDs are the first thing I archive because then I can play them on my big screen etc. Plus you don't have to worry so much about creating a listing of all the files on the disc etc.

I am paranoid so for DVDs I make 2 copies - a master and a safety. I use one for playing and copying and keep the other in its sleeve, untouched. That way if something happens to the one I am using, I have an unused spare to make a new copy from. I also test each copy and make sure they play. I have found DVDs to be less reliable than audio CDs.

If I end up doing par2 backups I might burn 2 copies for added redundancy.
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