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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Well, despite DVDs better error correction, having stored my discs in jewel cases away from light and undisturbed, I still get occasional instances where a disc has 1 or 2 files that are not readable. Since I never know if that's going to be a throwaway show that's easy to reproduce or something in low circulation that I really want to keep safe, I do use par2.

Par2 is not complicated at all. The only real drawback, which you've stated here, is that it can't recursively move through multiple folders to recreate a set. What that means is that, when doing a recovery, you'll need to move all of the files on the disc to a single folder, and then put the recreated files back into individual folders. This may be somewhat inconvenient, but it's hardly complicated, and taking those 2 minutes to do this is well worth it to recover a show that otherwise would have to be trashed.

Even with good media compulsively stored using safe methods, you're going to get discs that get read errors....that's just the nature of dye-based optical media. QuickPar is very simple software, and anyone who cares enough about a show to back it up in the first place should use the extra 20% of media space and ensure they can recover from errors.

Or, as you say, they could wait until it happens and then start digging through other people's lists to see if they can get a replacement.....
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