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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

A few more thoughts -

For flac and shn, data DVDs are a good way to go because of the capacity. You could spend a lot of time messing around with par2, but it's complicated enough that I really couldn't recommend it to many users. As it stands, it doesn't handle files and directories in a useful way.

Practically speaking, I'd say you're better off burning on good DVDR media, and keeping them away from bright light and heat and humidity.

Worst case, all the other mad music fans out there are like a huge backup system for you. That's why tapers and hoarders better share everything they've got stashed away - we're your backup system, people! If anyone doubts that, just look at all the seeds that are STG shows coming back around.

Ideally you want to store the discs in an archival sleeve. That generally means no vinyl, but polypropylene / mylar is hard to find. If you buy in quantity, Univenture makes some stuff, also check out the multidisc products. Others sell their sleeves too - you can one version from MicroCenter for just $8 for 100.

When they make a poly sleeve that can hold all the graphics from a commercial CD at a reasonable price, I'll be seriously tempted to chuck all the jewel boxes I have, since I'm out of space to store CDs.

Or you can keep them on the spindles.

All video DVDs are essentially data DVDs - it's not like data CD, VCD, and CD Audio, with progressively weaker formats. So in theory if you burn a good copy on good media and store it well, it should last reasonably well. DVDs have stronger error detection and correction than data CDs.

But you'll still probably need the big backup system - other fans - at some point.

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