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Re: I retracked a show!

OK here's what I've been doing:

I've gotten a lot of tapes recently that I'm converting using my new $300 Sony Standalone burner (off the top of my head I think the model number is RCD-W500C). I was lent a Sony tape deck, model number TC-WE635 I believe. I've been doing all tape transfers this way.

I have not been tracking using the standalone for a couple of reasons. A) you have to guess when to insert a track marker if you want to have the songs start right away with each track. B) there are gaps in the tapes which I'd like to edit out, and at times the tapes have been copied such that you can make a nice splice so that a song doesn't start and fade out, and then re-start up again. This takes place generally when the show was taped on a 110 minute tape, but then later copied onto 90 minute tapes.

So then what I do is I rip the big-ass wave files from my music CD's (which BTW, you have to buy special music CD's for standalones that cost more) onto the computer and edit out the gaps, do the splices and prepare for tracking. Since I don't know how to cut the .wav file on the hard drive without the risk of introducing SBE's, what I do is I burn the .wav file directly to CD as an image. I take a .cue sheet, mark out where I want the tracks to be split, and I don't cut it on the PC. It gets cut on my new CDR that I just burned.

Therein lies the rub. By doing this, I add another CDR generation. I already have my original CDR generation from the music CD I burned on the standalone. Now I'm adding another one because the only way I know how to track flawlessly is to burn right to CD. Thus if I want to spread it, I'll have to re-rip from that second CDR. But it's the only way I know to do this and get flawless track transitions.

I don't want to buy any software. I don't know how to split the .wav file before burning to CD and ensure that it comes out fine. I've tried splitting a wave file, WITH A CUE SHEET, on the pc, and yet there STILL seems to be one or two track transitions that are fucked up. I don't understand why this would happen because I'm using a .cue sheet, but it still happens. It seems the only foolproof way to track, without using CDWave, is to track via burning to another CDR.

So can anyone guide me through a free wave cutting program that's 100% effective in cutting the wave and never introducing SBE's?

This is what I was talking about when I postulated that if I want to spread something without going through another CDR solely for the purpose of ensuring flawless track transitions, I could just spread the big wave file and throw in a .cue sheet.
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