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Re: EAC help (for newbie to EAC)

It's almost always worth getting a copy of the little Nero ASPI dll and copying it into the EAC folder if you're having any kind of problem with EAC recognizing your drives, etc. It's easy to do, and just as important easy to un-do! Unlike some of those (obsolete and worse than useless) ForceASPI routines that people recommend.

I could never get my external drive to be recognized until I did that.

You also have to be sure EAC is set to use external ASPI. Which can admittedly be a problem if it won't open or crashes your system.

If it's just in the EAC program folder, AFAIK it doesn't affect the ASPI used by other programs. I've had more than one ASPI version on a system before.
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