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Re: best way to fit 4656gigs on dvd? author ??

My objection to DVD-Shrink would be that you've already encoded to MPEG-2 once, and the you're re-encoding again to a different bitrate. There is bound to be more quality degradation here than if you simply encoded from the original source directly to the proper bitrate.

It's quite probable that this difference is impreceptible, but I feel that it needs to be stressed that multiple compressions with lossy codecs (which MPEG is) is a bad practice, and is best avoided. A video compressed by this lineage:
Uncompressed video > MPEG-2 encoder > MPEG-2 (@ 5Mbps)

Is going to be better than one with this lineage:
Uncompressed video > MPEG-2 encoder > MPEG-2 (@ 6Mbps) > DVD-Shrink > MPEG-2 (@ 5Mbps)

Just something to consider.....
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