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Re: Archiving: CD vs. DVD

Originally Posted by pigonthewing
I burn my CD and then I make sure to take pristine care of them. If I want a CD just to listen to in the car, I burn it and treat it as such, which is without a care, because I know that at home are my “original” copies.
I archive and then do pretty much the same except I archive the lossless files instead of an audio. But then I burn an audio disc and when I need more room in the car or whatever I send it to a friend or offer it as a freebie or something.

Originally Posted by pigonthewing
...file sharing, legally or illegally, is only going to grow and rate of transfer are only getting faster. Point being, you have access to a bigger pool at a quicker rate. It will be like the internet, if it’s not already, there’s so much shit out there that you don’t even know where to begin.

I get shows and sometimes it'll be months before I listen to them other than to check quality. I'm just a little paranoid about relying on the web to have a particular show whenever I want. There are a few shows on the archive that I haven't downloaded 'cause I know it's there. But in the back of my mind I think "what if this site goes down? Anything can happen and where will I get this show?" So for the most part I tend to grab a show when it's available and not worry about it.
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